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Winona, and its sister camp Wyonegonic, have been more than just summer homes for Jesse and Doc; they have been staples in the Littlefield and Potter families.


For the Potters, it began in 1946 when Dorothy Sargent sent her son Robert (Sarg) to Winona. Sarg, Doc's dad, then brought 5 of his own kids to Winona and Wyo. Four generations and 62 combined years later, the Potters boast 2 Bats and 2 Unit Directors, and plan to keep sending little Potters to camp for years to come.


On the Littlefield side, D.Todd, Jesse’s father, was introduced to Winona in 1978. D.Todd led canoe trips with campers throughout Maine for several years before bringing his new bride, LuAnne to join him on the shores. All 3 Littlefield children were raised at Winona, and continue to call Winona their home away from home, collectively spending 59 summers on the shores. 


The Potters and Littlefields have contributed 14 family members, 4 generations, 6 camp tattoos, and 122 years beneath the pines. Winona and its community play an integral part in Jesse and Doc’s understanding of who they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. 

The Potterfields thank the Ordways for their relentless love and support, and look forward to the summers ahead! 


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